My Personal Therapeutics 2019

Dedicated to delivering the most advanced cancer treatment possible.

Laura Towart

Founder /

Chief Executive Officer

Laura is also the Founder, Director and former CEO of Celmatix, a NY based leader in diagnostics and predictive analytics for female infertility.

Dr. Nahuel Villegas


Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Villegas has a background in genetics, stem cells and cancer biology. He obtained his PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of La Plata (Argentina). 

Sami Mikati

Investor Director

Sami is the Head of Corporate Development of ACC Group, focused on the engineering and real estate sectors across MENA.

Dr. Priyanka Goel


CEO MPT Foundation

Dr Goel is a clinical physician with program management experience in the hospital & healthcare industry across Chicago, New York City and London.

Dr. Andrea Chai, PhD

Principal Scientist/Lab Manager.

Dr. Chai is a career neuroscientist who begun investigating neurodegeneration before transitioning into neural tumour pathophysiology.

Dr. Cristina de Miguel Vijandi


Dr. de Miguel has work experience across the fields of neurobiology, evolution and development, and plant physiology.

Dr. Annick Sawala


Dr Sawala has a long-standing interest in growth regulation, cell signalling and metabolism.

Dr. Zehra Dincer Mazur


Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences ,Ph.D.