My Personal Therapeutics 2019
#005 Polypharmacology /
Whole Exome Approach / Avatars
#006 Network Mapping
#007 Cagan Lab Experiment Results
#008 Whole body context diagram
#009 Polypharmacology 

Selected Cagan Lab Publications:

One hundred years of Drosophila cancer research: no longer

in solitude

Functional exploration of

colorectal cancer genomes

using Drosophilia

Chemical genetic discovery of targets and anti-targets for

cancer polypharmacology

Transformed Drosophila Cells Evade Diet-Mediated Insulin Resistance Through Wingless Signaling

Modeling Cancer with Flies and Fish

Selected Non-Cagan Lab Publications:

Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology: Current Applications and Future Prospects

Targeting the cancer kinome through polypharmacology

Development and clinical application of an integrative genomic approach topersonalized cancer therapy