My Personal Therapeutics 2019

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My Personal Therapeutics Reports Funding


My Personal Therapeutics a London based biotechnology company announced today that it has completed technology licensing and secured initial funding to tranform cancer care. Investment was led by London based StartUp Funding Club and independent international investors.  


My Personal Therapeutics Identifies Medications for Patients

A personalised platform identifies trametinib plus zoledronate for a patient with KRAS-mutant metastatic colorectal cancer.


Are fruit fly avatars the next step in personalised medicine?

Researchers have created fruit fly “avatars” that have helped to guide treatment for a man who had terminal colon cancer. The team genetically engineered flies that had the same mutations as the man’s tumor and then tested different drug combinations to see which ones kept the flies alive. 


My Personal Therapeutics Announces Funding & Secures Exclusive Mount Sinai License

Scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics (CPCT) in New York (USA) take a revolutionary new approach to cancer therapeutics.


Fruit Fly Model Provides Cancer Model

A group led by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has built a fruit fly model to develop a personalised therapy for a patient with treatment resistant metastatic KRAS-mutation colorectal cancer (CRC).


Specially created animal 'cancer avatars' could personalise treatments

“Our goal is to predict in advance what’s the best treatment and get the right drug the first time,” says Fior. “Then we can stop experimenting on patients.”


My Personal Therapeutics Announces Funding and Secures Exclusive Mount Sinai School of Medicine Technology License to Revolutionize Personalized Cancer Treatment

Advances in genomics have led to a push towards "Precision Medicine" in which a single driver mutation in a tumor is identified and then is targeted with a specific drug treatment.