Biopharma: Patient-driven drug discovery & development using high throughput in vivo multidimensional modelling

High failure rates in clinical trials contribute to correspondingly high R&D costs. The complexity of disease and the corresponding necessity for personalising treatment for heterogeneous genomic-related disease inevitably results in higher costs for smaller sub-populations who may benefit from a particular therapeutic intervention.

Clinical trials attempt to select a homogeneous population by pre-selecting patients based on biomarker strategies, but disease heterogeneity and drug complexity may confound results ending in high failure rates.

Virtual Clinical Studies

We match patient profiles to avatar models in our “flybrary” or develop avatar models from patients you are recruiting on study. Matching in vivo models with patients recruited, enables the rapid testing and evaluation for patient enrolment, the best therapeutic interventions for patients, and support the repositioning and repurposing of previously approved drugs.

Patient Stratification

Use our matched patient genomic profiles and “flybrary” of models to investigate how to stratify patient or improve selection criteria for patient recruitment onto your clinical studies.

Efficacy Testing

Determine the efficacy of your molecule(s) and/or in combination with 2,000 FDA approved drugs. Either participate in screening molecules in our regular cohort of patients as they are recruited each month to get early access to patient avatar models, utilise real patient avatars in our “flybrary” of models, or we can develop models for screening to your specification, or from your library of patient samples or genomic profiles.

Indication Selection and Profiling

Compare and contrast. Profile your molecule(s) in competition with each other or across multiple indications to discover the optimum molecule and indication to take into the clinical setting.

Competitive Profiling

How does your lead molecule stack up against competitor molecules or existing standards of care? Our avatar models enable rapid and multidimensional screening of many drug combinations and options. A chance to differentiate your molecule(s) early in development.

Repurposing and Rescuing Pharmaceutical Drugs

About 80% of drug candidates fail in phase 2 trials because they don’t reach endpoints for efficacy. Of those drugs that get FDA approval, little is known about possible applications outside the narrow science of their original indication. MPT’s avatar platform enables the repurposing of marketed drugs or rescuing compounds which may have failed in clinical trials. If your drug has demonstrated a strong safety profile via a successful Phase I trial, the challenge is finding the right patient profile and/or FDA companion molecule for each patient that will improve efficacy. Multidimensional screening with patient avatars enables the rapid evaluation of multiple combinations to identify and characterise responders versus non-responders.

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Our technology was developed by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai over years of clinical research and is being used to treat patients today. They have discovered that real-world patient tumours are made resistant to single-drug treatments by mutations in several genes, including genes not previously associated with cancer. Such resistant tumours can, however, be effectively addressed with novel combinations of FDA approved drugs. The most effective combinations almost always include non-cancer drugs, and as such offer drug discovery companies a unique opportunity to test and profile novel combinations with both marketed drugs and those in development.

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